Minimizing The Discomfort Of Morning Sickness

If you just found you are pregnant, and you have recently become a victim of morning sickness, you are most likely interested in finding ways to alleviate it quickly and effectively. Here are some steps you can take in alleviating the symptoms of this natural occurrence so you feel a bit better as a result.

Head To The Grocery Store For Supplies

Having comfort food on hand will be extremely helpful if you start feeling nauseous from your pregnancy. Many find that using fresh ginger to sprinkle upon food or to place in hot water to make tea will help in minimizing stomach upset. Others find that acidic products like lemonade or pickles are helpful in feeling a little better. Having bland crackers to munch on upon waking in the morning could be helpful in settling your stomach. Peppermint is known to help with nausea as well. Unfortunately, you will not know which foods will trigger nausea and which will make it subside until it happens. It is best, however, to have a few choices available should the symptoms start suddenly. 

Keep Something In Your Stomach At All Times

If you allow too much time to go between meals, your hunger will most likely make morning sickness worse. Many find that eating smaller meals more frequently will help combat nausea rather well. Carry snacks in your purse to nibble on throughout the day. Rather than drinking with a meal, drink between them instead. This way you will digest some of your food if you suffer from nausea that leads to vomiting after drinking beverages. If water makes you feel ill, opt for a healthy fruit juice or bubbly seltzer instead. Some find they are able to keep down cold beverages better than warm ones.

Do Your Best To Avoid Stressful Situations

If you become overwhelmed or stressed, nausea is likely to be a bit worse during this time. Try your best to avoid stressful situations to keep morning sickness from becoming difficult to deal with. Make sure to rest when you see an opportunity to do so. Trying to simplify your lifestyle when pregnant can have a bearing on the way you feel.

Enlist help from others as much as possible during your pregnancy to help keep you from trying to do too much on your own, which often leads to stress as a result. If you find morning sickness settles in, call out of work for a day or take that saved vacation so you can concentrate on feeling better.

Ask Your Doctor For Assistance

If you are miserable with morning sickness, it is best to ask your obstetrician for help. Hyperemesis gravidarum is a condition that may occur if you are vomiting often. Your doctor will check your weight to see if you are losing it quickly and may recommend going to the hospital to replenish electrolytes if necessary. Your doctor may also prescribe you anti-nausea medication in severe cases.

Visit a medical website to read more, or speak to a local obstetrician.