How Consuming Soy Products Might Ease Your Menopausal Symptoms

Going through menopause can be difficult for many women as it can leave them with a number of different problems. If you are tired of the symptoms of menopause and are looking for natural ways to find relief, you may want to start increasing the amount of soy you consume each day. This is one option that is easy to try, and this option may help reduce the number and severity of hot flashes you experience. 

How Soy Helps

Foods made with soybeans contain isoflavones, which are compounds similar to estrogen. During menopause, your body begins producing less estrogen, and it eventually stops producing it altogether. As this is happening, you may begin suffering from hot flashes, night sweats, and other symptoms. 

By consuming soy foods, you will naturally be getting a high amount of isoflavones in your body. Because these are similar to estrogen, they have similar effects to the body. As your body gets isoflavones, it is only natural for the menopause symptoms to begin decreasing. You can take advantage of this by increasing the soy foods you eat.

Tips For Using Soy To Decrease Symptoms

There are many ways to increase soy content in your diet, but some methods are not as good as others. The best way is by eating foods made from soybeans. One of the worst ways is by taking supplements containing soy.

The other important fact to know is that isoflavones act quickly in the body, and they disappear quickly. Therefore, to get the most out of soy products, you should consume them numerous times during the day. You may want to eat something made of soy during each meal daily, and you could eat soy-based products for your snacks.

The Best Soy Foods To Eat For This Purpose

While there are a lot of different food items you could eat to get the isoflavones from soy, here are some options that are the best for this purpose:

  • Soy nuts – These are the perfect item to snack on, and they contain high amounts of isoflavones. They also taste great and are available at many grocery stores.
  • Tofu – Tofu is a common product made from soymilk, and it can be eaten in many ways. It is a great alternative to meat, and it contains a variety of different vitamins your body needs.
  • Soymilk – If you like milk and dairy products, drinking a glass of soymilk several times a day could also help ease your symptoms.

Changing your diet is a great step to take if you are struggling with hot flashes and night sweats. If you would like to learn more about other types of treatment options, contact an OBGYN (such as one from Bay Area Women's Care) today.