Things To Consider Before Your First OB/GYN Visit

For those women who are dealing with their first pregnancy, it's important to start looking for the right OB/GYN very carefully. While experts recommend making the first visit as soon as you have a positive pregnancy test, you may want to wait long enough to really know what you want and expect in your OB/GYN. Here are a few things to consider to be sure you get exactly what you want for a positive pregnancy and delivery.

Male Or Female Doctor?

Some women just won't feel as comfortable disrobing in front of and letting a strange male –even if he is a doctor - touch their mostly naked body.

This is not a reflection on the women, it's just a matter of personal comfort, confidence and accepted gender roles. If you suspect you will feel uncomfortable at having a male doctor doing all of the doctor-things he will need to do for you, accept it and find a female OB/GYN! There is no substitute for feeling totally comfortable during your medical visits.

Delivery Styles

Some doctors believe in a hospital delivery complete with a spinal tap, others are more amenable to natural deliveries and some are even open to using a mid-wife or participating in a home delivery. Before selecting your doctor, do some research about the type of birth delivery you would like to have (barring medical complications). This will ensure that you and your doctor will see eye-to-eye about what you want for your delivery.

Know ahead of time how you feel about your delivery method options. This includes using any drugs or going without, and whether you are comfortable with a hospital delivery or want to seek more alternative methods such as a water birth or a home delivery. Before selecting a doctor, know what type of delivery you are interested in and whether they can provide that for you. This can save you some needless arguing if the doctor doesn't believe in or offer that type of childbirth method.

Their Track Record

Once you have determined the gender and delivery style of the OB/GYN you want, the next step is to be sure they have a good medical career. Most doctors publicly offer information about where they have gone to school and where they have gotten their degree and license. If you are internet savvy, you can look them up with the American Medical Association to double check their credentials.

By carefully considering exactly what you want in a doctor before your first appointment, you can help your pregnancy go much more smoothly.

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