Finding a Good OB for Your Pregnancy

3 Awesome Benefits Of Using A Midwife During Your Pregnancy, Labor, And Delivery

If you are currently pregnant and looking into the best option for you in terms of care during your pregnancy and also your labor and delivery, you have a variety of options. One alternative option to traditional doctor and hospital care, is to hire a midwife. Nursing midwives have received extensive training and are certified […]

How Consuming Soy Products Might Ease Your Menopausal Symptoms

Going through menopause can be difficult for many women as it can leave them with a number of different problems. If you are tired of the symptoms of menopause and are looking for natural ways to find relief, you may want to start increasing the amount of soy you consume each day. This is one option […]

New Dad Jitters: A Survival Guide For The First Prenatal Appointment

Once the initial excitement about your new soon-to-be father status wears off, you are bound to feel some anxiety. After all, you are about to enter a new world full of doctor appointments, diapers and tons of adorable newborn snuggles. As a father, your responsibility begins now as you prepare for your first prenatal visit […]

Things To Consider Before Your First OB/GYN Visit

For those women who are dealing with their first pregnancy, it’s important to start looking for the right OB/GYN very carefully. While experts recommend making the first visit as soon as you have a positive pregnancy test, you may want to wait long enough to really know what you want and expect in your OB/GYN. […]

5 Tips for Having a Healthy Baby

Taking care of yourself and your baby should be at the top of your list when you’re pregnant. Of course, there are certain things that you should and shouldn’t do during this time for the absolute best results. It’s ideal to know some of the things you can do on your own to increase the […]

Pelvic Organ Prolapse: What Women Should Know

A group of muscles that are found across the pelvic opening are known as the “pelvic floor.” These muscles are designed to help keep all of the organs found inside the pelvis in place. In some cases, these muscles can undergo problems, resulting in the “floor” collapsing. Here is what you need to know about […]